Cheer for the Pink Team!

It's Soccer Season Again! We're off to a running start this year with Madison and Morgan both playing. They're really doing great this year.

Morgan got to play goalie for a little while and stopped two attempts from the other team. Madison was definitely a trooper since her uniform didn't come in and NO ONE called to let us know. She played her first game in blue-jeans and borrowed socks!

Many of their games are scheduled at the same time so we get to do what most families do with a bunch of kiddos and divide up. At least the fields are next to each other. If you sit in the middle you can see both their games. Amazingly both teams are the same color! It can get confusing watching two different games at the same time, but we always know just to cheer for the pink team! How appropriate for us!

Even Sarah got some exercise running between the fields between mom and dad. No matter what, she always finds a way to have some fun.

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The Owens Family said...

You are on the BALL with your blog! That last post of Sarah is so cute! She looks so grown up! Y'all are an inspiration to the rest of humanity! Ha-HA!