Madison and Morgan are Cheering with Upwards this year. They are cute as can be out on the field performing cheers and jumping around. They really get the crowd going. Lots of fun if you want to come and watch. We're at the Church's football field every Saturday morning at 9:00 am and 11:00 am.

Racing Girl!

Tina ran in the El Dorado Music Fest 5K run. She posted a great time of 28 minutes, greatly improving her personal goal. I felt a little guilty after we dropped her off at the race because the girls and I went to McDonalds and ate pancakes. But, we were back in plenty of time to cheer her past the finish line.

Next run: Relay for Life 5k run in Little Rock. All are welcome to donate for brest cancer research!


This is a night Tina put together for the girls. It was absolutely fabulous. She decorated the entire room with lights. She built this tent, bought a new game for us, and got stuff for hot fudge sundays. Once the all got there she had fruit and dip out for us. We made homeade pizza with everyone having a section for their favorite toppings. We gave the girls a bubble bath and they watched High School Musical 2. Definitely a night to remember. Morgan said this was the "BEST NIGHT EVER!"

If your looking for a memorable night to create that your kids will love, this was a great idea of Tina's. Just one more reason she's the perfect wife and mother!!!

First POST!!!

Okay, this one is for Ashley. She helped us set this thing up and is anxiously awaiting a post.

We'll try our best to keep this updated and put up some pictures of stuff we do for those that are interested.