Go Madison

Jump Sarah

Here are some videos Scott took of the girls swimming.


More swimming pictures. We took these with the underwater camera. Aren't they neat?

A visit from Tess

After Morgan's swim meet we picked up my niece Tess. We had a lot of fun. We went swimming every day. We blew bubbles, played dress up, played with the new barbies Granny bought, and lots of other stuff. She was a lot of fun to have. Thanks Ashley and Jay for letting us spend some time with her. She was so funny swimming with her mo (snorkel). She held it out and front of her, put her head under water and started kicking. Too Cute!

Last Swim Meet

Here are some pictures of Morgan's last Swim Meet. She did a great job this first year! We are very proud of her. She learned how to swim all the strokes, and she is serious about working on her form. Great Job Morgan!


Madison spent ALL last week with my sister. She went to play with Tess. Ashley hoped she would pacify Tess some while she tended to my new nephew. I hope that went as planned Ashley?? Madison had a great time and wasn't really ready to come home. She took some pictures while she was there.

Morgan got to hold little Hutch when we picked Madison up.


Morgan is on the swim team for the first time this summer. It has been challenging for her. Swim team practice is hard work. It's not uncommon for them to do 60 laps a practice. Overall she has done very well. All her strokes have dramatically improved and it's been great exercise. Her last meet is this Saturday. We would love to have some family attend.


Deck News


Here are some before and after pictures of the back of our house. It looks a lot different. We're just waiting now for the wood to dry out so we can seal it. Then it will be time to buy some furniture!!


Sewing Class

Madison had a great time this week taking a sewing class. The first day they cut out their shorts and made a scrunchy. Today they finished their shorts and appliqued a t-shirt to match. She had a lot of fun and they look great. Way to go Madison!