New coats for the girls.

As you may can tell from the new picture up top that Tina has been busy. She made those coats for the girls! Even put the flowers on the pockets. It took many hours but she got them all done. Makes me think of Proverbs 31:21.

But wait! There's more. I got home the other day and we had this new pillow on the bed. I thought she had found it in town or something, but nope, she made it. I keep telling her she needs to sell this stuff on eBay or something. She'd probably make some mucho money! Wow, all this and good looks too, am I a lucky man or what?


We really do love Howie!!

Well, Sarah pulled off a good one. Tina walked outside to check on the girls playing and she found Sarah in the garage with PAINT! Yellow paint was all over her clothes and some other minor things in the garage. A quick check around indicated no real damage, she hadn't gotten to the car yet! WHEW!!! So into the house for appropirate punishment and a change of clothes for Sarah, our little angel.

(Editor's Note: This was a previous picture from baking cookies. That's flower on her nose, not paint. Plus, she wasn't smiling that much after Tina found the paint!)

Fastforward a few hours and I come home from work. Tina's re-hashing the day to me when she mentions Sarah's new-found fondness for painting our items in the garage. That's when I realized what that yellow stuff was I saw on Howie! Oh yeah, she painted the cat. Poor Howie. He wouldn't get near Sarah for a couple of days. It's wearing off. He's mostly black again!

Fun at the Creek

The girls are out of school, that always means some type of grand adventure at the Hailey house. We have this little creek behind our house, it's really a need place for the kids to play. We're always hearing the kids from the cul-de-sac out there playing around. Of course our three are constantly begging to go down there. This time of year is perfect, during the summer we've seen lots of snakes!

The whole reason to have the camera down there was because I wanted this shot of Sarah halfway across the creek. I never did get the timing right or the camera to focus, but you get the idea.

Can you hear me saying, "Okay, girls. Don't get wet, let me show you how to . . . doh!" Fortunately Tina was right there with the camera.
Every great creek HAS to have an old log to cross somewhere.

For days Sarah wouldn't say "creek", she called it the "creep". Until we could convince her otherwise, she kept saying, "When can we go see the creep?". I'm just glad she never asked Tina in public!