It's been warm enough here to play outside in the water. The girls bought a slip-n-slide and we hooked it up a few days ago. They had a blast. Madison was actually sore for slipping and sliding. Morgan was of course the dare devil that didn't hold back at all. She was the only one that ran hard enough and fast enough to slide all the way to the end. Sarah mainly liked crawling down it.

Deck Pictures

Scott has been off work all week working on the deck. It's looking so good. I can't wait to have all our friends over to break it in with a BARBECUE!
Sarah kept herself busy all day Tuesday while we worked. She painted some blocks and herself. That kept her occupied for hours and made for some cute pictures, too.
We have had some great help with our deck. Thanks for all your help Daddy, Andy, and Clay!! Ya'll are the best!


Getting Closer

Wow! I left for the weekend and Scott and Daddy worked very hard. They say that it was just the two of them, but they're bound to have had help! It looks great; looking more and more like a deck.


Pretty in Pink

The girls looked so pretty in their pink shirts this morning I just had to take their picture. What's funny is they didn't relize they had the same shirts on until I told them. Mornings are CRAZY!!!

Sarah's Recliner

Sarah made her a place to sit last night. She got the pillow and put it right where she wanted it. She actually looks pretty comfortable.

Working on the Deck

Here's the latest step that's been finished on the deck. It's looking so good!


Three Princesses

This is Sarah with her two best friend! They have so much fun playing dress-up together.


Deck in Progress

We're adding a deck onto the back of our house. I'm so excited. I'm going to keep everyone posted on the progress. This weekend my dad, Clay, and Andy came over to help Scott. Their help was much appreciated. I'll have to get every one's picture next time.
So far they have gotten the posts set. That was a very important crucial step. They had to be perfect because everything else goes on top of them. At least that's what they told me. I don't know much about building anything!