It's been warm enough here to play outside in the water. The girls bought a slip-n-slide and we hooked it up a few days ago. They had a blast. Madison was actually sore for slipping and sliding. Morgan was of course the dare devil that didn't hold back at all. She was the only one that ran hard enough and fast enough to slide all the way to the end. Sarah mainly liked crawling down it.


The Fintons said...

I am so proud of your blogging skills lately!! Way to go sis! I love the pic of Sarah painting in the pool...too cute! Can't wait to see the finished deck. I can help you plant plants or spray paint some pots! :-)

Aunt Sonya said...

This is really cool. I am not a blogger so I guess I am just suppose to comment on our adorable your children are. That could take all day. I love the sight. Keep reminding me to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Aww. So Cute!
I Love Your Blog. Im going to have to come see the girls soon. I love the picture of Sarah in the pool. And madison and morgan look cute too. Tell Them Hello.
Love Yall!
-Hailey Bug