Happy 4th Birthday Sarah

Wow!! What a party. Momo Jan did a fantastic job! It was Tinkerrific! Scott's mother gave Sarah's birthday party at her house, and it was definitely a party to remember. All of Sarah's friends came dressed in their leotards not quite sure what to expect. I think they were all impressed though. As they waited for all the guests to arrive they colored quietly. When everyone arrived (including our surprise guest cousin Tess) they were transformed into little tinker fairies by cousin Emily and big sisters Madison and Morgan. They got wings, bracelets, earrings, skirts, and fairy dust on their eyes, checks, and lips. Then we all went outside and lined up to enter Tinker Bell's magical forest. This is a playroom at the back of the house that Momo Jan converted into Tinker Bell's forest. It was magical. It had a tree in the corner that came out onto the ceiling, flowers all around the bottom of the walls, and a table set up for a tea party. The girls had their own fairy place mats and custom made lady bug seats. They were served fairy juice with homemade ice cubes, bananas with sprinkles, cheese, carrots, and pig in the blankets. For dessert of course we had Tinker Bell cake with ice cream. They had a great time. Sarah doesn't like being made the center of attention; therefore, she had already told me she didn't want us to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. Last year she cried when we did. She requested we sing "Jesus Loves Me" and that's what we did.

Poor Howie

If Howie survives Sarah's childhood, it will be a miracle. Sarah was outside playing the other day with our cat. As I watched her walk across the back porch I noticed she had the cat on the LEASH! Of course her Daddy and I have told her that you don't put a leash on cats, but she must have forgotten. (I know she didn't really forget.) Anyway I opened the door and said, "Sarah you know you're not supposed to put a leash on Howie." So she dropped it. Our leash is one of those big black retractable leashes. You can imagine what happened next. Howie took off with this big, loud black thing bouncing behind him across our deck. He climbed up the tree you see in the picture as far as he could before hanging the handle on a limb. I was afraid things would get worse if we didn't get him down, so I called Scott at work to tell him about the dilemma. I held onto the leash so he wouldn't go any farther as I waited for Scott to get home, and Sarah hid in the tree house and cried.
Daddy to the rescue!! There were a few close calls before Scott finally unhooked the leash. Howie is fine now, but he didn't come down out of the tree until 9:30 that night.