Welcome Baby Hutch!

Congratulations Jay and Ashley on you beautiful baby boy. Tess you're going to be a great big sister.


More on the Deck......

We have stairs and the whole thing is decked. It looks so professional! All that's left is the rails, pergola, and benches on the octagon. Oh and of course it will have to be stained.

Madison's Birthday Party

For the past two years we have offered Madison the choice to receive a nice birthday present or a big party with her friends. This is the second year she's chosen the big prize over the big party. Scott has been teasing her for months that we were getting her a box of crackers, so I don't think she was too surprised when she unwrapped what looked like a box of crackers. When she opened it she found something much better. It held the key to her new 4-wheeler!


Mother's Day

For Mother's Day the girls got me some accessories for my camera. They gave me the speedlite flash and zoom lense attachment. I really don't know the official names for these things, but they are awesome. I'm going to share some pictures we took.


Company Picnic

The company Scott works for had a big picnic this weekend. The girls had a blast. There were lots of blow up rides and carnical games. we played 20 rounds of bingo. No we didn't win any! We ate fish that was great, had ice cream, caramel apples, cotton candy, and snow cones. An egg toss ended the big day. The weather was great and it was a wonderful day.

The Festival

This weekend we went to a local festival. It was pretty much a flop, but the girls had fun. They pet the horse, looked at old cars, and toured an old house. The had a lot of fun playing with their cousin Tess also.

Walking on Deck!

Well we have some decking laid now. It looks great! Boy who knew a deck took so long to put together.

Scott did a great job planning the deck out and designing it. He's the best!