Madison's Birthday Party

For the past two years we have offered Madison the choice to receive a nice birthday present or a big party with her friends. This is the second year she's chosen the big prize over the big party. Scott has been teasing her for months that we were getting her a box of crackers, so I don't think she was too surprised when she unwrapped what looked like a box of crackers. When she opened it she found something much better. It held the key to her new 4-wheeler!


Anonymous said...

That was Great! And the Fourwheeler was soo much fun! Perfect size..Im still begging my parents for one..=( Dont think its going to happen! Love You Guys.
-Hailey Bug

MoMo Jan said...

Madison, I never saw such a big smile. Good things do come in small packages [cracker boxes]. I'm sorry I missed this big day! I love you a whole bunch!