Flower Farm

We went to visit my sister spring break. We had so much fun visiting with her and her family. We painted rocks, went on a walk, went to the park, caught frogs, and ate a lot of candy. It just doesn't get much better than that! As we headed home we went to the Daffodil field and took some pictures. The flowers were so pretty, but we almost waited too late. A lot of them were already starting to die.

Easter dresses

We didn't have time to get pictures before Church. Here's a few of the girls in their Easter dresses after church, but before lunch. Scott plays the bass guitar in the orchestra so he has to be at church for practice on Sunday mornings at 8:30. Of course I wasn't ready at that time so we didn't get to take a family picture this year.

Easter Day

Easter morning the girls were very excited to see what was in the Easter Baskets. We love Easter at our house. Our girls cannot wait to go to church every Sunday and Wednesday. Our three year old wants to go everyday.

Spring Break

We started off Spring Break with an Easter Egg hunt with our new neighbors. Then that same day we had another hunt with Scott's family. After we all finally decided how old everyone is and who would hide the eggs, the girls had a blast. Our last egg hunt was with my family. They had a great time there also hunting eggs with their cousins Tess and Thomas.


Locks of Love

Here's a few pictures of me cutting Madison's hair.
It had gotten so long. She was ready to cut off the ten inches to send to Locks of Love. It was a little shocking for her though. She has beautiful
red hair.


Can you believe it SNOWED??

It's a miracle. It hasn't snowed with accumilation in years. The girls had so much fun. We made many snowmen and snowangels. Sarah's favorite thing to do was catch the snow on her tongue. Morgan and Madison enjoyed clobering Scott and I with snowballs.

Sarah's 3rd birthday!

Sarah had a princess party. All of her precious friends and cousins came to celebrate with her. It was a lot of fun. She did not like us singing Happy Birthday to her at all though. She really doesn't like everyone looking at her making her the center of attention. That's probably good because our other two girls love being the center of attention. Yes I know Barbie looks a little pregnant.

Morgan turns 7!

Morgan turned seven this month. She wanted a puppy sleepover party. I wasn't quite sure what that meant, but I did my best. I made a puppy cake and she had 6 little girls over to spend the night. Whew! It was an adventure. She had a great time and to top it off it snowed that day.