Goo Goo Goggles

Morgan came home with a sack full of stuff from school the other day which she apparently won from sending out magazine order requests. One of the things included was these straw goggles which she calls her goo goo goggles. Isn't she cute! I think they're a little gross because there is no way to take the lenses apart to clean inside them. One of the first things she used them with was MILK!


Farewell Game Night

Our dear friends Andy and Jenna are moving away Saturday. We are going to miss them a lot. The past two years we have had so much fun playing games, eating, going out, eating some more, and going on vacation together with them and Clay and Laura. Game night just won't be the same without Jenna cheating and yelling at Laura and I if we don't get something right. Tee Hee! Just kidding.... (sort of). Here are some pictures from Saturday night. We love you guys! Come back often!

Clay & Laura

Jenna and Andy
Laura talking smack to the TV.
Clay & his "mean face"

Jenna doing. . . something


Halloween Night

The girls had a blast Halloween night. First we went and trick or treated Granny and Pop. Granny had lots of goodies for the girls, and Pop even got a little something for Scott and I. Then we headed to Aunt Sonya and Uncle Buddy's house. Sonya was ready with the camera as always. (Sonya you need to share!) Next we went to Momo Jan's house. She was prepared with healthy treats. Her treats included a banana, apple and bag of chips. Thanks everyone for all the treats!
After that we went to Harmony Grove Baptist Church for a fall festival. It had a western theme which included a horse ride. That was the whole reason Madison wanted to go. Thanks Mr. Agerton for inviting us. The girls has a wonderful time. Last we went home and loaded up on the trailer with the Owens and went house to house. We have way too much candy!