Cheer for the Pink Team!

It's Soccer Season Again! We're off to a running start this year with Madison and Morgan both playing. They're really doing great this year.

Morgan got to play goalie for a little while and stopped two attempts from the other team. Madison was definitely a trooper since her uniform didn't come in and NO ONE called to let us know. She played her first game in blue-jeans and borrowed socks!

Many of their games are scheduled at the same time so we get to do what most families do with a bunch of kiddos and divide up. At least the fields are next to each other. If you sit in the middle you can see both their games. Amazingly both teams are the same color! It can get confusing watching two different games at the same time, but we always know just to cheer for the pink team! How appropriate for us!

Even Sarah got some exercise running between the fields between mom and dad. No matter what, she always finds a way to have some fun.

Fireproof - the movie every married couple should see!

We went to see "Fireproof" this past Friday with some friends. This is an excellent movie! They were playing it in two theaters and both were sold out. We loved "Facing the Giants" but this one is even better. Do yourself, and possibly even your marriage a favor and go see this movie!

Also, check out www.fireproofmymarriage.com for some neat ideas on how to improve your marriage.


First Sleepover

Sarah went to spend the night with a friend for the first time Sunday night. She went home with her friend Henley after church that night thrilled to be a big girl. I had told her a while back she couldn't have a sleepover until she quit sucking her thumb. Without Scott and I even noticing, she STOPPED! One day I just realized she wasn't sucking it anymore. Sometimes her hard-headedness works for the good. When she sets her mind to something there's not much that will sway her the other way. Anyway I just knew Scott or I would be driving out to get her in the middle of the night. Nope! She stayed the whole night never mentioning wanting to go home. They stayed awake until 11:30. Only going to sleep then after being threatened with separation. I guess she's growing up whether we want her to or not.

The picture is from her first night of AWANAS. Our church started AWANAS this year and the girls are loving it.


Steak for Jezebel

I know Tina's the normal "poster" but I had to share this story. The other night when we were out playing softball w/ the neighbors Tina grilled some steaks (what a woman!). Anyway, after we had supper the girls wanted to feed Jezebel the scraps. They happily headed out ready to see which tricks "Jezzie" (as Sarah calls her) was willing to do for some treats.

Much to the girls dismay Jezzie was no where to be found. They wandered around the house looking for her while Tina and I enjoyed a rare moment of un-interrupted conversation.

I finally eased outside to help the girls find our dog. They were all three busily working around the front steps. Morgan looked at me and proudly declared, "We're hiding the pieces of steak for Jezzie to find later!" They had divided the pieces and had been hiding them all around our front porch and our front landscaping! They were so proud. Needless to say, the next several moments were spent trying to find all the little hunks of meat and trying to convince Sarah that it would be easier for Jezebel if we just put it in her bowl.

You gotta love kids. How else would you ever spend part of your evening looking for steak in your barberry bushes?


Sarah playing outside between rain showers

Sarah asked to play outside today after the rain dried. So we went out to play a while since the rain had stopped. She is getting sooooo big toooooooooo quickly!

Culdesac Wiffle Ball

The girls had a lot of fun playing Wiffle Ball with the neighbors the other day. It was so cute to watch all of them. The boys were so helpful with the little girls. Everyone played together so nicely. Scott even joined in on the fun.