Steak for Jezebel

I know Tina's the normal "poster" but I had to share this story. The other night when we were out playing softball w/ the neighbors Tina grilled some steaks (what a woman!). Anyway, after we had supper the girls wanted to feed Jezebel the scraps. They happily headed out ready to see which tricks "Jezzie" (as Sarah calls her) was willing to do for some treats.

Much to the girls dismay Jezzie was no where to be found. They wandered around the house looking for her while Tina and I enjoyed a rare moment of un-interrupted conversation.

I finally eased outside to help the girls find our dog. They were all three busily working around the front steps. Morgan looked at me and proudly declared, "We're hiding the pieces of steak for Jezzie to find later!" They had divided the pieces and had been hiding them all around our front porch and our front landscaping! They were so proud. Needless to say, the next several moments were spent trying to find all the little hunks of meat and trying to convince Sarah that it would be easier for Jezebel if we just put it in her bowl.

You gotta love kids. How else would you ever spend part of your evening looking for steak in your barberry bushes?

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