First Sleepover

Sarah went to spend the night with a friend for the first time Sunday night. She went home with her friend Henley after church that night thrilled to be a big girl. I had told her a while back she couldn't have a sleepover until she quit sucking her thumb. Without Scott and I even noticing, she STOPPED! One day I just realized she wasn't sucking it anymore. Sometimes her hard-headedness works for the good. When she sets her mind to something there's not much that will sway her the other way. Anyway I just knew Scott or I would be driving out to get her in the middle of the night. Nope! She stayed the whole night never mentioning wanting to go home. They stayed awake until 11:30. Only going to sleep then after being threatened with separation. I guess she's growing up whether we want her to or not.

The picture is from her first night of AWANAS. Our church started AWANAS this year and the girls are loving it.

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