Madison and Morgan are Cheering with Upwards this year. They are cute as can be out on the field performing cheers and jumping around. They really get the crowd going. Lots of fun if you want to come and watch. We're at the Church's football field every Saturday morning at 9:00 am and 11:00 am.


Anonymous said...

Hey Haileys!
I'm loving the blog. It's good to hear about what the girls are up to. Keep'em coming.
Love ya- Stephanie

The Fintons said...

Time for an update!!!

Anonymous said...

These are three of my granddaughters. They are so special. I love them to pieces!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Haileys! this is Hailey. Love the pictures. You can definatly tell they are my cousins.. HaHa. Tell them hey for me.
love yall-- Hailey Bug.