Homecoming Week 2008

The girls always always have so much fun on homecoming week. They have a different theme for each day of that week to dress up. Monday was pajama day which was really easy. They both looked so cute in their pj's as they got on the bus. Tuesday was costume day and that is where the drama began. Madison is in a skit and a play in a few weeks at school. In both of them she has to be a cat. So the search for the perrrrrrrrfect kitty cat costume began weeks ago for me. I finally found one and had it shipped 2nd day air. On the other hand Morgan wanted to be Word Girl from the PBS cartoon. Of course there are no Word Girl costumes. She's too new. So I had to make that one. We started with light pink leggins and a long sleeve t-shirt and some red dye. That's what she wears, we thought. After we got the stuff dyed red, that afternoon I had the opportunity to watch Word Girl who in fact did not have a red costume but a hot pink costume!!! Back to the store to get the pink outfit again. This time we dyed it hot pink. Whew!! She also has a shield on her top that is yellow with a pink star in the middle. I worked on the Word Girls' hat, shield, and boots pretty much all day Monday. During supper Monday night the UPS truck came with Madison's infamous cat costume. Guess what? Yep, it didn't fit. We made a mad dash to Wal-Mart before soccer to find a new costume and get fabric paint for the pink star for Word Girl. There aren't any cat costumes at Wal-Mart. Back to the drawing board for Madison's. After soccer at 8:30 I paint the star in on the light yellow shield. Looks great! Worked out something for Madison. Got everyone to bed and just before I headed to the shower my darling husband says, "Oh no Tina someone smeared the hot pink paint on the star onto the yellow shield." Round two of the shield and star began and 9:15. Thanks, Scott for all your help and support with the costumes.

The girls looked really cute this morning in their homemade outfits. I sure hope sports day is easier.


Anonymous said...

They look great in their costumes. You did a good job! Mom

Anonymous said...

The costumes are sooooo cute!! Way worth the time and effort! They will remember one day how special you made each of their costumes- you just put a lot of nickels and quarters in their "Love Bank" Good Job!-Ashley

The Owens Family said...

OK, those costumes look GREAT! Do you just ENJOY making the rest of us look bad?! Laura