Halloween FUN!!

The Mission: Create a Halloween Party for Madison's 4th Grade Class.

The Goals:

1. Create a Super-Fun Halloween Night for 30 something 9 and 10 year-olds.
2. Scare them a little. . .okay, maybe a little more!
3. Weenie Roasts / Fun & Games / Costume Contest and all
4. Don't loose any of the kids. (very important)

After MUCH work from the group, I'd have to say: Mission Accomplished!

It all started with Tina's idea. She really wanted to throw Madison a 4th Grade Halloween Party. With the help from some friends I think we pulled it off! All the way down to a PUKING PUMPKIN Cake! Oh yeah, a puking pumpkin cake. That gal can do anything she puts her mind too. We had the sack races, egg races and costume contests. A big 'ole bond-fire & weenie roast. The hilarious part (or really, one of the hilarious parts of the entire night) was that it turned out that most of the parents that helped with the party are like us: they only have girls. We really didn't know what to do with all the boys. That became evident pretty quickly when right off the bat three boys got into a knock-down-drag-out fight. I headed over to break it up when one of them busted out laughing. The others joined in cracking up. Turns out, that's how 4th grade boys say hello. I'd forgotten!

Tina (of course) did a fabulous job decorating everything. She decorated the deck with Christmas lights and homemade ghosts made from milk jugs. It was almost as great as the puking pumpkin cake. We made several rounds with the hay-ride. The dad's that rode back there to watch out for them started making up a story about "Bloody Bones", a 14 year-old boy that hides in trees and scares kids. I don't know where they got that story, but it was the hit of the night.

The main thing is the kids had a wonderful time. They laughed and screamed and ate WAY too much sugar. We were very happy when we started seeing the parent's headlights rounding the corner. Many thanks need to go out to the Chris and LeAnn Cross, Jim and Suzanne Jones and Karla Goodwin. We couldn't have done it without you!

Morgan's already planning her party! Oh no!

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The Fintons said...

Wow! Looks like yall pulled off. I never doubt yal! Good work. good post scott!