Worship Leaders Conference

For our 2nd week of vacation we went to Ridgecrest in Black Mountain, NC. Ridgecrest is the Lifeway conference center. This is really what brought on this whole expedition. We attended the Lifeway Worship Leaders Conference. It was spectacular. All the classes were great. The music was great. The pastor for the week was great. His name was Don Wilton. Look him up. The kids loved their camps. Madison was in the conference children's choir and even had a speaking part in their musical. Morgan had a great time at daycamp. She played putt putt, had a water day, and went to Nibble Nook(the campus ice cream store)for ice cream. Sarah went to daycamp also everyday. She played outside and did some sort of craft everyday. We only got the girls for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They were at camp the rest of the day.

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