Everyone knows that Sarah likes to keep things interesting!

Thursday night Tina was holding Sarah and visiting with her friend Jerri when the phone rang. Sarah hopped up to get the phone and tripped into the coffee table! (Actually I asked her to go get the phone, so technically it was my fault.) edited by Tina Evidently she hit the table right between her eyes. She started bleeding profusely out her nose and screaming. Tina said when she flipped her over she didn't know what she was going to see. Several minutes and tears later she calmed down. The x-rays indicate no broken bones, but she is swollen really bad. Both of her eyes are starting to turn blue this morning (Saturday). Poor thing sounds like she's got a stuffy nose! She says it still hurts if it's touched. Just in time for Easter pictures.

Oh, did I mention I was in Minneapolis during all of this? Oh yeah, Tina was by herself during all the crisis, plus her parents are still gone too.

The picture with the bow is an earlier picture, it helps for reference.

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Jenna said...

And yet, she's still pretty!!