Christmas Pictures

Here are some pictures we took playing around between taking pictures for the Christmas Cards this year. Tina is really enjoying her camera and new software. She can do some pretty neat things with it. You'd never guess which faces have been changed and some other minor "fixes" she's done on these pictures.
Tina's Family
Our girls with Tess. Hutch wasn't quite old enough to pull off this pose.

Sarah Having FUN!

We tried to duplicate a cool picture from a wedding layout we saw. We never did get it just right, but it was fun anyway!

I just like this picture. Morgan ran up to my truck to meet me when I arrived and we were walking back to the gazebo to take the pictures. Notice her feet aren't even touching the ground.

Morgan posing it up.

My beautiful girls!

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Not only beautiful but also sweet, talented, considerate, helpful, precious, gorgeous, and loving.