Another Broken Bone!

Madison fell Friday and hurt herself. At first we didn't think it was all that bad. Her first swim meet was going to be Saturday morning and she really wanted to participate. After she woke up several times Friday night we decided she needed to go to the Doctor Saturday. I took Morgan to the meet, and Scott to Madison to the Doctor. Two x-rays later they discovered she had a broken collar bone. No more swim team for Madison. She has to take it easy for 5 weeks. YUCK!


Cousin Hailey said...

Aww. Poor Maddy! Tell her i love her and i hope she gets to feeling better in the next 5 weeks of recovery! =) Im ready to come see yall!

The Fintons said...

Madison, you need to get better really soon!! Cousin Hutch is ready to meet his new red haired friend! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Madison, that looks painful. You know about those broken bones! Hope you will be feeling better real soon. I love you MMJ